911 days

2 years, 5 months, 29 days.

911 days.

That’s a long time between blogposts.

I always distinctly remember reading that there is nothing sadder on the internet than a blog that hasn’t been posted on in years. Given what’s actually out there on the internet, that’s probably not true but I believe the sentiment stands.

Image result for dead blog

Image sourced: Google Images

Lots of things have happened in the time between my last blogpost and now.

I earned a masters degree.

I got married.

I finished two first drafts and one second draft of fiction novels. 306000 words in total. Not to mention side projects which I’ve probably forgotten about.

I’ve travelled to 4 different countries (and all around Scotland twice).

I worked. I lived.  I tried new things and kept doing the old.

Lots of wine. Lots of cake.

Forgotten more things about the last 911 days than I can remember.

Plenty of fodder for content.

To anyone who used to follow me who is now reading this, hello again. Sorry I left for so long. No promises. But what excuse do I have now?



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