Through the Woods and Dorothy Wordsworth’s Christmas Birthday

With time constraints being as they are just now, the only way I am going to get around to doing anything with my blog is to do little mini posts. I write for ten minutes and then that’s it! With uploading it only takes about fifteen minutes in total which means that I have no excuse.

I received a lot of books for my birthday, two of which, I read in one sitting!

Through the woods – Emily Carroll

When I’ve watched book tubers and bloggers describe this book, they call it beautiful and there is no way that I can miss that out. This book is more like a piece of art than many things I own and I went straight from finishing this in less than half an hour to looking for more illustrations by Emily Carroll to buy to hang on my walls. I mean look at the cover. Then look at this:

The stories left me reeling at the end – horror feel definitely achieved (then again I’m a bit of a wimp). I would definitely recommend this book, particularly as a present as it is something just lovely to own and rather pricey for a quick read for yourself. Emily Carroll also has more comics at her website which are worth checking out!

Dorothy Wordsworth’s Christmas Birthday – Carol Ann Duffy

Another beautiful book to own – a mini book at that. This took mere minutes to read as it was a poem. I’m not sure that the poem and its story will stick with me for long but the illustrations were gorgeous!

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Any other reads you can recommend from them?


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