5 Smiles in October

1. Before I went, everyone told me Prague is stunning and they didn’t lie. You can’t capture the beauty of it in a picture (or I couldn’t anyway!). We did buy a painting of the Charles Bridge the day we went to the castle and had the most delicious hot chocolate!

Sadly, not my photography. Google images.

If you are thinking of going to Prague, my advice would be to you to only go for a few days. I went for longer than I normally would on a city break and I think I overloaded myself with it.

 2. The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. I read this in Prague and, not only did it kick start me reading again, I LOVED it. So interesting and the concept of psychopaths intrigues me so much.

3. Pinning EVERYTHING to do with weddings on Pinterest. Can’t see me using even a few of these but I just love doing it so much! So many things!

4. Cracked’s After Hours. I have watched every episode and NEED MORE!! It is a youtube series giving some bizarre comical takes on different films and series. I don’t even watch movies and I love it!

5. The Hairy Dieters. I’m back on a diet after being on holiday and eating copious amounts of everything. This time, I’ve bought a new recipe book: The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life. It. Is. Amazing! The Hairy Bikers are a cooking duo known for making great food but previously a bit on the chubby side (that’s not my words – they admit they were morbidly obese!). So they slimmed down on a calorie controlled diet, exercise and some smarter recipes which they have put into books.

I’ve already tried five of the recipes and they have all been a hit. They are some of the most delicious things I’ve ever cooked and they are good for you! Of course, portions are down but I don’t feel cheated. They even use a little cheese and cream. Not enough to hurt the waistband but enough for you to taste it.

 Seriously. Buy it.


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