The Real July 30th 2014

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt revisits an old prompt posted back in January:

There are 344 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211 (i.e. July 30th).

Turns out, I cheated a little and wrote about what I suspected would have happened to me by 30th July 2014. Let’s revisit some things:

Premonition Numero Uno:

“I’ll have moved out my childhood home and in with my fiancé”

Image Sourced from Google Images

Check! I did that back in March and I am currently writing this at my dining table, feet up on one of the cars and listening to the seagulls squawking because the back door is open to let the cool air in.

I said it would be equal parts exciting and terrifying and I was right again. But now, it’s just normal. I come in and always cook tea for myself. I have to clean up more. Hover. Clean the shower.

Can I come home now, Mum?

(Incidentally, after years of begging my Mum for a dog, she bought one after I moved out!).

Prediction Number Two:

“No doubt, as part of this, my relationship with my fiancé is going to change. How it will change, I don’t know. All I know is that things will be different.”

Image Sourced from Google Images

They are, even if I don’t remember what it was like before. Like most couples, we’ve had our ups and downs after moving in together. Nothing catastrophic: lack of communication and adjusting to being a live-in couple instead of seeing each other whenever we could. We seem to be back on the right track now though.

Nummer drei:

“I’ll be financially independent of my parents. I’ll miss them, I know that for sure.”

Image Sourced from Google Images

I am financially independent and it feels great. I miss them a lot. Fifteen minutes’ drive is a lot longer than down stairs.

I did learn to cook and I love it. The gradual return to sport and exercise? It’s been very gradual, let’s put it that way!

It seems I did pretty well on predicting the future. So, in another 211 days, I will have won the lottery, discovered a cure for Crohn’s disease and own a clever contraption which dices onions and other vegetable goods in one chop.

Because really, who has time to dice onions by hand?


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