To Anyone

Dundee Train Station. 29th August. 3pm.


That was all that the letter in the blue envelope had said. No name. No explanation.

The green, leafy scenery cuts off as the River Tay demands attention. Someone told Andy that station was just on the other side of the bridge. He had never been. It wasn’t exactly as easy trip from Newcastle.

So why did you bother?

His feet jiggle faster and he taps the envelope against his knee. Not even a name on the envelope just his address.

So why did you come?

“We are now approaching Dundee,” the soothing voice of the train announcer says. His stomach drops to his feet as he rises. Standing the in the crowd, he stares outside of the window, searching for a stranger that might look familiar as they all shuffle out of the train like cattle.

People disperse, rushing out of the station and into the train. The train thunders away and suddenly he’s alone, clutching at his envelope.

No. Not alone. A woman stands by the wall, sucking on a cigarette. Staring at him.

He walks to her. “Are you waiting for me?” He says, holding up the envelope.

Familiarity flashes in her eyes as she sees it and smiles like the Mona Lisa. She nods.

“Do I know you?”

She shakes her head, stubbing out the cigarette.

“Why did you send me this?”

“I just wanted to see if you would come,” She says and throws her arms around him.  


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