Wise Woman Turns One!

So it turns out Wise Woman in Training has turned one!

WordPress sent me a notification to tell me that I had been using this blog for a year.

Well, that’s not strictly true. This blog was originally created to host a short story and grew from there. My first real post wasn’t until the 27th of June last year. Next week. Really, I should hold off on this post but me and you ain’t stupid, dear reader. We know fine well that by the time the real birthday rolls around, I’m going to forget. So I’ll do it while the reminder tells me!

Wise Woman in Training has 51 posts: 10 stories, 6 rants, 2 award nominations, 3 book hauls and 24 posts on growing up and becoming a real adult. Some I’m proud of, some not so much. I’ve tried to post every week but I haven’t quite managed it (although at 51 posts in a year, it’s bloody close!).

Perhaps more importantly, as of writing this post, Wise Woman in Training also has 174 followers! Most of whom are bots! So a special thank you to the people that followed my blog in the beginning and just found me last week. It’s really cool to think anyone would want to read what I’ve got to say, let alone 174 wanting to be informed when I publish something new.

Thank you to anyone out of those wonderful 174 people who has ever read one of my posts and enjoyed it.

1722 total views.


2 out of my 5 top posts were my award acceptance posts which is pretty cool. Otherwise, the top 5 other posts are pretty diverse.

  1. The Trouble with Lingering – 17th March 2014

A surprisingly successful story of why turning down two jobs might have been the best career decision I ever made. I’m sure it’s success is due to the fact it was a response to a Daily Prompt and the fact it had at least 17 pingbacks to other responses! I would never have picked it as being popular but I suppose that goes to show that I don’t know what people like!

  1. Lovey Dovey, Gooey Woody thoughts on Three Years in Love – 7th August 2013
  2. Love, Elephants and Diamonds – 14th August 2013

Two posts literally written within a week of each other around that fateful three year anniversary which will always be the day that I was proposed to in front of an elephant. Apparently some of my readers like a little bit of romance.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell!

  1. Someone Else’s Substitute – 11th September 2013

Perhaps the popularity of this explains Hemmingway’s quote: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

  1. We agreed 10.30. it’s 10.34. PREPARE TO FEEL MY WRATH. – 3rd July 2013

People do love a rant. Especially from a punctuality freak fighting against a tirade of tardiness! It probably doesn’t hurt this is one of my oldest posts.

What do my top posts tell me about what my readers like to see from my blog? All signs point towards posts about me but I can’t see too much more into the specifics of that. While I love writing my flash fiction,

And what about my favourite posts? For different reasons, I would probably choose these as well as some from above:

–       Forgotten Lovers

–       How to Argue like an Ass

–       The Ultimate Love Story

–       21st Century Moaning: “I’m gonna write them a tweet!”

–       My Love-Affair with Buy with 1-Click

–       Remember You

Thanks to everyone reading this bit of blog indulgence! Thank you to everyone who has ever read a post of mine. We will resume to our normal programming next week.


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