March Book Haul: Where things begin to get a little out of control


Another month, another book haul. It is beginning to concern me how these seem to be getting longer as the months go on….

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science – Mary Roach

I love a good non-fiction book: pulling together different studies and making me feel smarter every time I pick it up. Normally, I stick with psychology but I picked this up to try and stray more into the more biological side of science. Halfway through the first chapter and it is definitely intriguing me. Besides, with chapter titles like The Testcle Pushers: If two is good, would three be better? How could I not buy this? I mean really, aren’t you a little curious to know the answer?

The Lucifer Effect: How Good People Turn Evil – Phillip Zimbardo

I feel a little dubbed by this, I must say. It is completely my own fault and I do hope I am wrong. I interpreted this to be an examination of several different scientific studies examining what makes good people do evil things. In fact, this seems to be an in-depth inspection (as in almost 500 pages) of Zimbaro’s Stanford Prison experiments.

Emma – Jane Austen

I’m watching Emma Approved. It was free for my kindle.

What do you want from me?


Dead Harvest – Chris F. Holm

The start of a series following Sam Thornton as he collects souls of the damned and utters the words not Collector has ever said.


A bit different from your average urban fantasy series and I like trying to explore series which are a little less well-known (I think it’s a little less well-known than say Kim Harrison or Kelley Armstrong anyway).  

All my Friends are Superheroes, Waterproof Bible and Born Weird – Andrew Kaufman

What can I say about Andrew Kaufman? I picked up All my Friends are Superheroes on a whim when I saw it stuffed into a shelf in my local bookshop because, let’s face it, that’s a pretty cool title. I read – no, consumed – it in just over an hour. It is 100 page love story about Tom and The Perfectionist. Perf is hypnotised by her ex on their wedding day and can no longer see Tom. Thinking he has abandoned her, she moves to Vancouver, unaware Tom is on the plane with her.

I gushed, awed and had to physically stop myself buying all of the Andrew Kaufman books I could find, resorting to The Waterproof Bible (which I didn’t love as much) and Born Weird.

Such, Such Were the Joys

Such, Such Were the Joys – George Orwell

A Penguin Classic Essay, a short (99p!) recap of George Orwell’s own experience of boarding school, reflecting on the “hypocrisy of Edwardian society”.

Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences

I was on my non-fiction kick and decided to pick this up on a cheap kindle deal when observing others that were significantly more expensive. I have a horrible feeling this might sit on my kindle for a long time before I get around to reading it…

The Undead Pool – Kim Harrison

I pre-ordered Harrison’s latest offering in The Hollows series and to be honest, I was a bit surprised it came around so fast. I am not even through the previous book, Ever After, yet. These books tend to take me a while to get through (and by that, I probably mean about a fortnight) until I get gripped at the end. I must say though, I am definitely enjoying the latter books more than the earlier ones.


Technically, technically, I did buy some more books in March but as they have not arrived yet, I have not counting them as part of this haul/I am embarrassed to admit I bought this many books in only a month.

What books have you been buying? Have you got any thoughts on the ones I bought/new recommendations for next month? 


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