The Trouble with Lingering

During my first summer break from university, I worked in a student placement role at a large manufacturing company. The job was fine: great experience for me and it gave me the cash to last another year at university. At the end of my palcement, an administrator role in the same department became available and after a month of struggling to fill it, the department head asked me if I wanted to fill it.

I turned it down.

For the next two summers, I worked in another large manufacturing company. After the first summer, they asked if I would be interested in covering one of my colleague’s job while she was on maternity leave. She was in a higher level of job than I was offered previously and they offered to train me up to the role. Even though I had my hopes pinned on working there after I graduated, I turned it down again. When I was ready, there wasn’t any opportunity for me there anymore.

I am a creature of habit. I like familiarity and more of the same.  I have never left one job to go to another – only through the end of a contract or personal circumstances forcing me to leave. At the end of both of these placements, I’m pretty sure I cried my eyes out.

When both jobs were offered to me, I seriously thought about it. It would mean developing in a career, getting money all year around and nothing would have to change! It was only the little voice inside me that told me going back to university was the right option. Yet I still pinned for the missed opportunity.

Looking back from where I am now, taking either of those jobs would have been a mistake. Both would have been the easy way out so I didn’t have to return to university and eventually be thrown out into the big bad world of unemployment and uncertainty. Taking those jobs would have prevented me from where I am now: in a fantastic job with great development and career opportunities doing something that I have always wanted to do.

I need make sure when I make decisions – big decisions especially – that I make them for the right reasons, not because I want things to stay the same.

In response to today’s Daily Prompt.

Does your fear of change ever get in the way of your life? Or do you hate familiarity? Have you ever lingered somewhere or are you always dying to leave?



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