Everybody wants to be a cat…I mean writer!

Everybody wants to be a writer.

My wordpress and twitter feeds are full of people talking about writing. Hell, the journey of a best-selling self-published writer was on the homepage of Amazon. We all want it so bad they can use it as a marketing tool.

So many people who have a story to tell. A story they so desperately want other people to read, love and adore.

I know I do.

Not everyone gets to be a published writer. Even if they do, not everyone gets the pleasure of having people like their story. Some people can’t even get people to read it. Not everyone even gets to finish their story.

What is the difference between those writers who become published and popular and those who never make it? Most would say it’s a good story and great writing. That can’t be true. We’ve all read breath-taking, underrated novels that can change lives while wondering how some books get to become bestsellers.

Is it just luck? If so, are we all wasting our time pouring years’ worth of energy and effort into something that will be determined by luck?

Ultimately, you have to enjoy the writing. If there is no guarantee at the end of it, then the sheer pleasure of writing has to be enough on its own. You have to love your work enough to push yourself to finish, revise and batter down the publishing world’s door until they give you a chance. Or they don’t.

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One comment

  1. I totally agree that one writes because they want to, desire it, want to express their thoughts, feelings, and even imaginings.

    It matters not what others think, although it is always helpful to get constructive criticism from someone in the know.

    Write like no one is reading or even cares, and along comes the jewel that blings.

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