Statistics, Sonnets & Snake Road: January Book Haul

Book haul videos on YouTube have suddenly become one of my favourite things to waste my time on.

It might be because I want as many recommendations to books as I can due to my book buying problem. Or it may just be because I am incredibly nosy and want to know what people have been buying. Whatever.

Sine my book buying habits have not been hurt by January blues, I thought I would share with the internet my January book haul!

The Cormorant – Chuck Wendig

I bought this on the first of January, almost as soon as I woke up and it is actually the only book I managed to finish in January. Chuck Wendig is in no doubt one of my favourite authors and his Miriam Black series is spectacular. There was no way I wasn’t buying this long after it was released.

This is the third in the series of the Miriam Black books: stories following a woman who sees your death as soon as she touches you. In this book, Miriam heads down to Florida when someone offers her a wack load of money. She doesn’t expect to see her name written in her client’s book a year from now.

I love Miriam. I can’t help it. Highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone one! I have Wendig’s other books, Blue Blazes and Double Dead, waiting to be read. I’ll get around to them…eventually.

Freakonomics – Stephen D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

Over the last year, my interest in non-fiction books has spiked (at an impression 3). My boss was speaking about this one day and it has always intrigued me. For some reason, this felt like a book I should own in paperback but my poor little bank account refused to be deprived with the extra cost of a physical book. However, it was the perfect gift for my birthday.

Essentially, Freakonomics is a collection of ‘economic’ articles linking statistics and changes, events and facts in society. I am extremely excited to read this one. I have the revised edition with extra blog posts and articles to give me more than the original six chapters to think about.

Snake Road – Sue Peebles

Another present for my birthday. I have been longing after Snake Road ever since I read Peebles first book, The Death of Lomond Friel. Again, another physical book that the cheap Scottish stereotype in me refused to buy, especially at hardcover price. So I was delighted to open this up.

The story follows Aggie Brody Copella as she turns away from her marriage to Alasdair and goes back to her family. The story seems to circle around Aggie trying to make sense of her gran, Peggy’s, life as she struggles to make sense of her own. With any Peeble’s story, the “psychological intelligence” (as it was put in one review) and the reflections of family relationships and the strain life puts them under will be a treat to read.

Mystery man – Colin Bateman

This was from a recommendation off of twitter and from the eight chapters I read on the train, looks incredible. I am seriously considering closing Cat’s Cradle for now, which I must admit I am not finding as interesting as Vonnegut’s other works, to jump onto this instead.

The unnamed owner of mystery bookshop, No Alibis, takes on the cases of the now bust detective agency, things start off well. Until the hero and Alison, the girl in the jewellery shop across the road, break into the shuttered shop next door on a dare.

I was ok up to here. Would I have kept reading if it hadn’t been a recommendation? Who knows. But as soon as the words “Nazi concentration camp” appear on ANY book blurbs, I’m hooked.

So far, so awesome.

100 Love Sonnets – Pablo Neruda

Requested from my fiancé for my birthday and my oh my, it’s good.

I must admit, I’m not a huge poetry fan. I don’t dislike it but it has never peeked my interest enough to go and look for it. Somehow I came across Neruda’s sonnet 17 and I was stunned. Then I went searching for more. And more. And oh boy, I need to get some more. And talk about melt-your-heart-romantic.

Even owning this book makes me feel ten times more cultured than I used to be. Currently I’m trying to read a sonnet every night but a lot of nights I miss and on the occasions I do read them, I read about six. And I read them out loud, much to the distaste of the rest of the house. But these words need to be spoken aloud!

So far, I’ve book marked sonnet 22, 90, 94 and 95. For those of you wondering, yes, I am reading the book backwards. Why? Why not!

On the Prowl – Patricia Briggs, Eileen WIlks, Karen Chance and Sunny

According to the description, this collection of stories are paranormal romances featuring a female werewolf “Who comes into her own”.

Confession time. I only bought this to read Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs. I’m a huge fan of the Mercy Thompson books and subsequently have read the Alpha and Omega series barring the first story which started it. I read it within about an hour. It was good. Not great but worth reading for curiosities sake.

I am planning on reading the rest of the stories but I have my head in too many other books for now.

Original image sourced from Pinterest

 Let me know if you like this post then please let me know with a comment or a like. I enjoyed writing this post so hopefully I will keep this up. I only wrote this on the 2nd February and I’ve already ordered another five books. I told you I had a problem.

Also, if anyone else does book haul or recommendation posts bar long reviews, I’d love to read them! Feel free to put a link in the comments!


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