July 30th 2014

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt intrigued me.

There are 344 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211 (i.e. July 30th).

I started to think about exactly what I would be doing on July 30th. But after seeing Wakeupyourluck ‘s post and after thinking it over, I decided to cheat and do what I want to do instead (what a surprise).

What will have happened to me by July 30th?

Setting aside any major disruptions to my plans, there are certain things that I feel pretty strongly are going to have happened by July 30th.

I’ll have moved out of my childhood home and in with my fiancé.

Image sourced from Google Images

No doubt this will end up being the biggest change of the year. In fact, this is probably the reason this prompt has caught my interest.

In the last week, there have been major changes at the house. I have a floor. Carpets picked. Kitchen slowly coming into place. Plumber in tomorrow. It’s gone from being a project to being a home. In a matter of weeks it will be done and there will be nothing stopping me from moving into the house.

Equal parts exciting and terrifying.

No doubt, as part of this, my relationship with my fiancé is going to change. How it will change, I don’t know. All I know is that things will be different.

Image sourced from Google Images

I’ll be financially independent of my parents. I’ll miss them, I know that for sure. Not just all they do for me (which is a lot) but also their company. My relationship with them is going to change too.

Hopefully I will still keep up my gradual return to exercise and sport. Maybe I’ll have learned to cook more. Fingers crossed I’ll have started some new professional development.

In other ways, not a lot will have changed. Preventing anything major coming up, I will still be at my job. Not much changes in that area when you come out of education and into the real world or full time work. I think I’ll be smarter and working on more projects, maybe more exciting stuff as well.

By July 30th, I’ll have to function as a real adult.

Whatever that means.

Image sourced from Google Images

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