Kitchens, Illness, Parties and Diets: Life Update

Quick life-update to let you know what is going life. You know, some important things I know I won’t blog about and other points which are important to only me!

1. Wise Woman in Training has reached 100 followers which is so exciting! Thanks for everyone who is reading/following. I hope you are still enjoying! It’s been great reading all of your posts too!

 2. The house is coming along. Fiancé has taken charge and after another 4 walls (!) came down (including half of an external one) we finally were in a place to order the kitchen and bathroom! Yippee – it will be a functioning home soon!

 3. My fiancé is not well at the moment. He has a chronic illness which is rearing its ugly head as well as stress as he works on his degree so please wish him well! 

 4. Still no wedding plans though we threw an engagement party at the beginning of October which was fun and an interesting insight into what that kind of wedding would be.

 5. Nanowrimo is kicking my butt. With the fiancé’s illness and work getting hectic/tiring me out, some days I just can’t write/don’t have time. However I am enjoying working on this story that I have had in my mind for a few months now. I’ll power through and at least I have over 20,000 words I would never have had in this time period because of Nano.

 6. I don’t like the new WordPress Reader pop-up window. I want to view the content in the way the writer intends it to be viewed. I have also read that it does not count as a view on the post unless the person is to write a comment or go into the blog itself which is frustrating as I feel that more people have read my recent blog than the Stats are telling me.

 7. I may be overestimating how many people read my blog

 8. I’m in my third week of dieting. Ok, it’s not really a diet. Dieting for most people means strict calorie control but not for me! Essentially my diets are just laying off the cakes/chocolate/crisps/chips/junk that I eat most of the time and replace snacks with fruit. I try and watch how big my portions are getting as well as this can be a big thing for me. At the beginning of the month, I noticed that I was looking and feeling a bit bigger and the scales unfortunately confirmed it. It’s not a lot but in the past I have ignored it at this stage and it only goes up if I don’t change what I’m doing (i.e. eating lots of crap). So this is much more of a get-back-to-where-you-were and eat-better kick which usually sticks for a while (at least until Christmas). Since I’m 5lbs down I reckon I’ve only got another week to go until sweet victory/cakes!

9. I’ve started playing badminton again! Yahoo! I used to play badminton competitively when I was younger. At one stage I was training and playing 6 times a week for over two hours a night. That fell by the way-side as I went to university and dropped off completely in my third and fourth year as I focused on my studies. I’ve not picked up a racket since I got my job either as I tried to settle into that and working full-time. I’ve tried a lot of sports since then but nothing really did it for me but I’m really glad to have gone back and seem to be sticking to it now (though it’s only be 4 weeks).

10. The November break from blogging isn’t really working. I’ve added a blog every week of November and created a new page archiving all of my blog posts (Nanowrimo may also be going badly for laziness and procrastination reasons as well as life business). Oh well. Enjoy seeing new posts on Tuesday morning, UK time!

For those who may be new to this blog, I do like to follow-back and keep up with people who have read/are reading this blog. Let me know if you like this as well with a like or a comment and let me know what’s going on with you too!


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