Last Wednesday I won a Liebster award! Five days later, I’ve finally pulled myself off of the ceiling to write a post about it. T of My 10 Things Blog nominated me. It’s so exciting to think that someone whose blog you read is actually reading yours too. I’m happy every day that someone reads one of my posts so to be nominated is fantastic.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Liebster award is for bloggers who are quite new to blogging and/or don’t have a lot of followers yet (but who you feel should have loads!). Now I have to answer the questions set by T and nominate more bloggers to get some recognition.

1. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 13-year-old self?

The best thing about you is that you like yourself. Don’t let other people make you forget that.

2. What is your idea of perfect bliss?

Lying on a sun lounger with a book and a cocktail beside me or sitting in an Italian restaurant with my fiancé, relaxed with a bottle of wine and great good.

Is it bad my bliss always involves alcohol?

3. What books have been most influential or inspiring to you?

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. It’s one of the first adult fantasy books I read and I fell in love. I still reread the series constantly and it inspires my own writing.

Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. By far my favourite book which I always return to on a good/bad/any day. It has shown me there is always more than one side to a story and we all connect to each other in some way.

4. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about life? About blogging?

You got to try. And you’ve got to try to be good.

I always wanted a blog and eventually gave myself the kick up the arse to do it. And now I have 72 followers who liked my stuff enough that they wanted to read more. But the stuff has got to be good or else no one will even look your way.

5. What single quality do you appreciate in people?


6. What or who is under-rated? What or who is over-rated?

We only ever highlight those who succeed. But a lot of people fail. Not because they didn’t try hard. Not because they weren’t good. People who try their best and fail are so under-rated.

Footballers are overrated. They get called heroes for playing a sport well. They get away with atrocious behaviour and get paid a ridiculous amount of money.

7. What do you avoid at all costs?

Conflict though I don’t always manage to avoid it.

8. What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Chips. French fries. Pommes frites. I don’t care what you call them. Just give them to me and no one gets hurt.

9. What do you want people to say about you when you leave the room?

“She’s so lovely!”

10. What’s your favorite post that you’ve written?

It’s between two:

Love, Elephants and Diamonds. It’s lovely to share the story of my proposal and every time I reread it, I get a bit emotional thinking of him down on one knee, ring in his hand, elephant cheering us on…I think I need a minute!

Rock Stars aren’t People. This is a bit of a strange one. It is my least viewed post but it is definitely my favourite because it launched this blog and started me off writing what is currently a 40,000 word work in progress novel. I really love it and it’s the first short story I have finished!

With my questions answered the only thing left for me to do is to name my nominations and set my questions.

So here are my 9 (I know it should be 10 but I picked 9) bloggers to win the liebster award next:

The Bewildered 20-something Writer


Lipsyy Lost & Found

The “Un-Call” Girl Confessions

Leana Silva


Callie Armstrong

Fifty Words a Day

Frivolous Words

And my questions:

  1. What is the best piece of life advice you could give to someone?
  2. What do you want right now?
  3. Favourite place?
  4. If you could have anything in the entire world, no matter cost or improbability, what would it be?
  5. Favourite joke?
  6. Worst thing I person could do to you?
  7. Best recipe you can cook?
  8. What does the world need more of?
  9. Why did you start blogging?
  10. Which of your posts are you most proud of?

One comment

  1. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I dropped by to check out your blog because you signed up to follow mine. Your blog is cute. I read a couple of your posts and I like them. I will drop by again sometime. Keep writing!

    Kelly F Barr

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