WRITERS HELP: To Nanowrimo or not?

Super-secret confession time.

I write. I am writer. Hear me roar.

This blog isn’t about a writing process or my writing journey so please don’t tune out in the thought that it will become that. Wise Woman in Training is about me and my view and experiences of the world as I become more independent as an adult.

But I need advice.


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Let’s lay down some context. I’ve never entered the contest but being a Gen Y-er with an internet connection, I’ve know what it is for many years. This is the first year I’ve thought about joining in advance of it starting.

I am already in the midst of two other stories. One is at approximately 25k words. The other is almost 44k. Numero Uno was promptly halted in July when the idea for Numero Dos was too loud to ignore. After what started as a good effort writing at least 1000 words a day, sometimes more, Numero Dos has crashed to a halt. The cause of the crash has still to be determined but it has been narrowed down to 1) the honeymoon period is over and now I’m bored; or 2) the plot doesn’t work and it’s only now I’ve realised this.

As of this week, I have started to write again, focusing my attention on Numero Uno. It seems to be working.

But now a new idea threatens, beginning to take legs and grow. A potential Nanowrimo idea. But it needs mulling over and outlining and character development before I can start on such a big task. Plus I’ve also got a renovation project, a full-time job and a habit of writing very small amounts instead of a lot. 

I have only ever finished one draft. It stands at about 125k words and it is not good. So not good that I’ve moved on and will leave that one only to be pulled apart for spares bits. It took two years.

So fellow writers, please throw in your opinion. Should I focus on my first story which has inspired me again and work on that until I’m done so as not to stop the momentum? Should I revisit the second idea and work past the block given I’m probably more than half way there? Or should I leave those for the moment and prepare to knock myself out in November with the new idea?

I want a first draft completed by the end of 2013. I just don’t know which one!


Comment or vote in the poll. I do follow back so let me know what you think! 



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