Love, Elephants and Diamonds

Oh my. It’s been a busy summer.

Last Saturday was my third anniversary with my partner.

This week I’m engaged.

Given that I recently bought a house with him, is it any surprise that he proposed? Even less so when I tell you that I picked the ring out over a month ago.

Yet still I was surprised!


When we got the house, the conversation about our what to do with our relationship inevitably came up. And engagement soon was what we decided was right for us.

But you don’t want what happened before, do you? You want to know how he did it (if you don’t, you’re a bit out of luck with this blog!).

Saturday we appeared at the safari park for the day. Saw some animals. Rode a boat. We had fun.

We came off the boat to the Chimp Island and headed over to the see the elephants again. Elephants are my favourite animal so I was easily convinced to go and see them again since they were up so close. Then a stream of people appeared: shouting at each other over our heads.

It got a bit much so we went to see the rhinos since they had been out earlier. They weren’t there so there wasn’t much point hanging around.

I veer off to the car park. He stays on the path.

Me: Where are you going?

Him: Eh…..

Me: The car’s just over there. Look.

Him: Oh yeah. So it is.

He keeps walking the other way.

Me: We’ve seen everything here.

Him: Yip.

Me: So what are you doing?

Him: ……Do you want to go and see the elephants again?

Anniversary & Engagement flowers

Now given that he doesn’t like elephants too much and we had already watched them twice may have raised alarm bells for anyone that all was not as it seems. I, on the other hand, went skipping off merrily for another chance to see the elephants.

I’m so easily manipulated.

He tells me that elephants can’t live alone. They go mad by themselves. Given that I told him this, I already know. He hugs me tightly as asks if I want to grow old with him like the elephants do. I say yes and then I get suspicious. I know we’ve talked about getting married. I know I’ve picked the ring. I can feel him fiddling in his pockets.

He moves back. “In that case….” He says.

Then he gets down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

I can’t even remember if I said yes. I do remember bursting into tears though.  Butterflies fly around inside me every time I remember it.

He tells me later he had contacted the safari park earlier in the week to see if they could paint “Will you marry me?” on the elephants. Apparently they wouldn’t. I wonder why! Animal cruelty maybe.

Now onto the wedding planning. I can tell this is going to have its own problems, given what I’ve experienced in the last few days.

Have I taken on more than I can handle?

Probably the best anniversary yet


  1. Lovely story and congratulations!!! … My husband’s daughter (my step-daughter I suppose now, we just got married in the spring) is an exotic bird trainer at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. She met her husband (an elephant trainer) at the zoo. He proposed to her at the end of his very first elephant show and had two of the beasts hold of a sign saying “Will you marry me, Claire?” or words to that effect. She was front row in the audience and, of course, she said yes. You can see the proposal on YouTube, if you care to.. Just search “Elephant proposal or engagement.” … They got married at the zoo in the area where she does the bird shows, overlooking Sydney harbour. So, now we have an elephant trainer in the family which is neat because my husband adores elephants as well. … I wish you all the best with your wedding planning. A very exciting time indeed … Be well and thanks for the follow at “Musings of a Horse Mom.” 🙂

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