Does it get anymore “real adult” than this?

So this blog is all about documenting a transition from a student to a “real” adult (whatever that means). Well I’ve gone and done the most grow up thing that I can think of.

I am now a home owner.

I’ll give you a moment for that to sink in because it’s been a week for me and I still can’t believe it.

My partner and I are extremely happy with our little bungalow (dubbed “cute” by everyone who sees it) and are already in the process of doing it up. There is a lot of change going on in both our lives right now so this is one of a thousand things to deal with but it’s definitely the biggest.

I mean, it’s a fecking house!

Aside from dealing with lawyers, mortgage lenders and everyone under the sun giving me all the advice in the world, I’ve noticed some things have changed since I got the house a week ago which I thought I would share.

1. My friends think I’m “too grown up”

Many of my friends have either just graduated or are still at university. I’m not in the longest running relationship and given I had never mentioned to them that I was properly looking for houses, they were a bit shocked. Having seen it, they all like it.

My partner is three years older than me and most of his friends are older so for them, this isn’t too much of a big deal. To mine, it’s huge!

One actually told me that getting a mortgage was “too grown up.” Of course, the only reasonable come back to this is, “But you have a toddler!” It may not work in all situations but it worked in mine

2. My partner has turned into an interior decorator/total house destroyer

I feared this would happen. I’ve had nightmares from day one. And now it’s a reality.

My partner likes to do things up. He gets ideas and he is very much a “get on and do it” kind of bloke. He has so many ideas for his current house but for many different reasons, most don’t happen which frustrates the hell out of him. So getting his own house is like me locking him in a toyshop and telling him to go for it.

We bought the house last Wednesday. I went over the next day to show my brother around and found various holes in my kitchen wall. Then I received a text from my partner at around 11pm that night.

It just had this picture:



I should mention that we had agreed the wall would come down. I just didn’t think it would come down so fast. I hadn’t even had it for a day!

 3. There is more fun to be had in furniture shops than hiding in closets to jump out at people

My colleagues warned me that buying a house would change me. I would end up spending my weekends in furniture shops and antique fairs, gushing over what to what where and what colour the walls in my bathroom would be. I laughed them off, thinking that sounded like my own version of hell.

And then I went to my first furniture shop as a homeowner.


I could have a chest of drawers. And a cupboard. And a desk! A desk! And I could out them wherever the hell I wanted. Now I’ve been looking at wall art, kitchen designs and interior doors.

Don’t judge me.

Now I’m not saying that having a mortgage makes me all grown up. I’m not saying you have to have a mortgage to be an adult. But it’s a big step in my case. It will be a while before I get to live in it (redecorating, furnishing and monetary constraints) but it’s still exciting.

I’ll keep you updated on its (hopefully but unlikely) smooth progress.  



  1. You have a house!?! I did not get this memo.

    You should start going to auctions, we’ve bought some fantastic furniture at auctions. You can get things for as little as £2, we have some great little tables and a bed side chest of drawers all for that little. You can also get some really nice things that obviously cost a bit more, antique dressers and desks etc.

    I still find it disconcerting when friends I have known for a long time have children or buy a house (your the first to buy a house). Despite having worked in a full time job and lived off my own back I still feel the least adult. After all I do have 6 years of education ahead of me and my last relationship was with a 19 year old…

    • Well I didn’t actually send out a memo…..

      We’re planning on looking at auctions when we get furniture (we need do something with hanging wires just now).

      The thought of another 6 years of education frightens me – even a part-time post grads make me sweat! I’m the first person I know to buy a house as well, lots renting and perhaps if I knew what a pain getting a mortgage was going to be I would have rented as well.

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